Welcome to Sunday Worship!

This Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. It is a great feast day within the life of the church, but today, like many a lock-down birthday, it will not feel quite the 'normal' celebration. However, it is a day to celebrate and part of what we will do this week is join together in the Holy feast that we find at the Lord's table. All are welcome to join, find yourself some bread and wine (or non-alcoholic alternative), the table is open. This might not feel right for all of you, so the liturgy is written in such a way that means it is ok if you do not feel that you can share in the bread and wine, for whatever reason. In whatever way you come to this act of worship, I just pray for the blessing on the Holy Spirit upon you.

This Sunday all the worship is within one video. As with other previous videos in this blog, just click on the picture and hopefully it should work. If you would like to read the text, you will find this on the 'Archive' tab of my blog.

For this Sunday, I have gone back to the Roots material for activities with children. You can access the activity sheet by clicking here

May God bless this this time and may we worship God on another beautiful day!

Sunday 31st May 2020

Unless otherwise accredited, all words are by the author, E Colechin.
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